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Rich’s tree service came and removed 8 trees that were very close to my house. Three trees had grown up between the power and telephone lines and five trees had to come up over the house. It was going to be a very difficult job that required precision and skill to keep from hitting the house or the power lines. Rich’s team of 4 men worked together like a well oiled machine. They were precise, efficient and careful in all the aspects of the removal. It was amazing to watch them work together! We had 4 companies give us estimates for the job and Rich’s estimate was the same as the others. He came within the time frame that he stated and completed the job as quoted. My trees were so tall they had to come down in sections. Rich lifted each section with the crane slowly and precisely so that it was free and clear of the house, power lines, gardens and statuary. His men safely cut and set aside the wood we requested and put the remainder of the branches and leaves into the chipper. When the cutting was completed they cleaned up the area with rakes, shovels and a backpack blower. They took excellent care of my property! Rich and his team were mindful of their own safety as well as ours. When we wanted to take movies and pictures of the process they told us where to stay and when to move. They were very friendly, polite and professional. I was completely satisfied with the work they did and would not hesitate to call them again. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of tree service!

buy alprazolam online overnight Mary Lou Saxton June 25, 2016

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purchasing xanax canada Rich and his crew did an exceptional job removing 2 large pines and limbing 2 huge oaks. Crew was awesome! Ground my stumps and you couldn't even tell they were there. Artie (the climber) was amazing to watch. Overall a very professional operation. I highly recommend Rich's

Bryan Macy Salem, Nh June 25, 2016

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I just wanted to say thank you for the work you all did today! You all were so pleasant and professional, the clean up was immaculate and the back yard is now ready for our next phase of landscaping! I would recommend your company to anyone needing tree removal services! And, thank you so much for saving my son's birdhouse that was attached to one of the trees. He was thrilled to see it waiting for him when he got home!

http://rentctr.com/documents/CTR_Fax.pdf Laurie MacInnis June 25, 2016

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buy real alprazolam I want to thank Rich and his crew for the great job taking down 18 pine trees, most over 90 feet, between my house and my neighbors. They arrived on time and using a crane they cut and removed them without any damage to surrounding trees and property. They were courteous and very professional. The cleanup of debris was excellent. I have used other tree services in the past but they don't compare to what he does.

http://life1031.com/ads.txt Ed Dahl Londonderry June 25, 2016

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Rich gave me a very fair estimate for the removal of 2 very large pines abutting the street. They had to come down in 3 sections using his very large crane. As promised, there were no stories after the job was done. Everything was cleaned up and it looked like they were never there. They were considerate of the traffic on the street and of my property. I recommend Rich and his crew very highly.

James June 25, 2016

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buy discount xanax online We cannot recommend Rich's more highly. We just had Rich's Tree Service remove 18 big trees -- 16 tall pine and 2 large oaks. They did a totally terrific job. The crew was professional, careful, and pleasant. They made an impressive team working together, and were very well equipped with a crane and support vehciles. We are conscious of safety and recognized that the crew was, too.
Our job was complicated by our two active honeybee hives in the area of the trees. No one was stung. The bees were undisturbed & unperturbed. We (and the bees) appreciated their caring attitude so much. They were pretty nice to our dog, too.
We have lived in the area for a long time. In fact, Rich had removed some trees for us several years ago when we lived in Salem. We had gotten another bid for the present work, but Rich's price was better. In the future, we'll go straight to Rich's.

alprazolam visas zales GS & DR Windham, Nh June 25, 2016

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http://rentctr.com/?wordfence_lh=1 Our son was a detail police officer at a job that Rich was on a month or so ago. While on duty, our son noticed how professional Rich and his men were. He asked for one of Rich's cards and we contacted him to give us an estimate for our job. We hired Rich and his crew to take down five HUGE oaks that stood between power lines and between our two homes. Rich and his crew of three men were pleasant, respectful and professional. They came on time and worked extremely hard to finish the job in a timely manner. We were all quite impressed with the process and with the work ethic all four men showed. We would highly recommend Rich's Tree Service.

alprazolam online reviews Patti and John June 25, 2016

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I just wanted to say thank you for the work you all did today! You all were so pleasant and professional, the clean up was immaculate and the back yard is now ready for our next phase of landscaping! I would recommend your company to anyone needing tree removal services! And, thank you so much for saving my son's birdhouse that was attached to one of the trees. He was thrilled to see it waiting for him when he got home!

alprazolam cheapest online Laurie MacInnis June 25, 2016

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Kudos to Rich and the crew for a job well done. They took a small pine down - limbed it, cut it up, moved it to the woods, ground the stump, raked and blew the lawn clean, all under an hour! One of the most efficient work crews we have ever seen. Highly recommended.

buy alprazolam cheap Nick June 25, 2016

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http://livepixelsphotography.com/elena-alex-wedding-day-august-8-2008/ Rich's crew came to take down 6 trees for me in Windham. 3 were near power lines in my front yard. My wife commented that if the logs were gone you would have never known they were there. I also had 3 in my back yard that were around my drain field, they climbed them and dropped them with no issues to the drain field. Great job, very professional crew. Prompt and courteous from the office to the tree work.

Sam Adolt June 25, 2016

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alprazolam prescription online Rich just took down 5 trees for me. Rich quoted me a fair price, he not only removed the trees, he cut them up into woodstove size pieces, and hauled away the brush, and cleaned up when the job was completed. Rich's professionalism and respect for my property, along with that of his crew, is worth my complete endorsement. Anyone who uses Rich's tree service will not regret it.

Ken Fure June 25, 2016

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This past Monday, we had 12 huge trees removed from our yard. Many of the trees were starting to overhang the house endangering the roof.
Rich and his team came to our rescue and performed a choreographed show of extreme precision and speed. The trees were cut, lifted over the house and gently set down on the front lawn where they were trimmed and neatly stacked. Some of the smaller "junk" trees were ground into pulp by the giant mulching machine.
Rich and his team were professional, courteous, and they took the time to cut up some of the trees into manageable firewood logs.
Lastly, Rich and his team cleaned up by raking up every leaf and twig left from the event.

Dennis June 25, 2016

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buy alprazolam online in india The job that Rich and his crew did for us today was outstanding! Seven trees with heights well over 60 feet each were removed from very difficult areas with professionalism and the utmost of care for our property. Rich and his people were friendly, considerate, and went out of their way to make this a truly great experience. The cost was fair, and everything was left in extremely good order. I would highly recommend Rich's Tree Service to anyone wishing to know they are getting the very best.

cheap alprazolam Linda June 25, 2016

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alprazolam online canada Hello Rich.
I'd like to thank you and your crew for the excellent tree removal job you did at my home in Atkinson last week. You were every bit as professional as I hoped you would be. I feel I received full value for the money I paid. I appreciate the hard work you all put in that day. Thank you again for a job well done.

http://life1031.com/calendar.cfm?startdate=09/15/44 Tom Uzdavinis June 25, 2016

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I received a "word of mouth" referral for Rich's Tree Service to purchase a grapple load of wood. I did not know the person who gave me the referral, but she swore by this company.
Having no idea what I am doing and at the request of my husband, I called on Wednesday and spoke with Donna. She was very courteous and helpful, never becoming impatient with my lack of knowledge and multiple questions/calls. After discussing my needs, we made the decision to use Rich's.
Mind you, I called on Wednesday and they were delivery the following day. The other five companies I called had no wood or a 12 week wait, so I was thrilled they could accommodate our needs. The next morning came and not only did they show up on time, but called to see if early would be accepted!
Rich delivered the wood as promised and had the utmost respect for our property; being careful with our driveway, land and areas overhead. When my husband arrived home, he was so pleased to see that they had placed these huge logs exactly as he requested and left our property unscathed.
With my lack of knowledge, they could have sold me anything, but my husband said they gave us excellent wood. He was happy with my decisions, as was I. As far as we are concerned, we hope to develop a long term relationship with this company, as we can trust that they will do exactly, if not more, than they promise.
Thank you for your great business ethics!

http://rentctr.com/documents/helpful The McCarthy Family June 25, 2016

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xanax order overnight Rich's tree service is just finishing up at my house. His quote was very reasonable, but what struck me was the professionalism with which Rich and his ENTIRE crew presented themselves. They did every task from de-limbing, to tree removal to stump grinding to clean-up. No one uttered a fowl word the entire time which I found extremely refreshing. They were, to a man, polite, courteous, and engaging without missing a step in being hardworking. Each man knew exactly where he should be at all times and did his role. Not only would I ask Rich to come back should I need more work done, but I would gladly give my name as a reference. This truly is a company that remembers what hard work and great service means to the customer. I only hope that this referral brings Rich more work, because he and his crew deserve it!

purchasing xanax canada Jim Hebert June 25, 2016

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buying xanax What a great job Rich and his crew did. We had several very large trees near our house and power lines and they took them down with with unbelievable precision. Their cleanup was fantastic and beside a few missing trees you never would have known they were here! They were punctual, friendly and charged exactly what they estimated. I would certainly use them again and recommend them without hesitation.

Frank and Margot June 25, 2016

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What an amazing team. Although prices are comparable/ reasonable to others within the industry no other tree service is comparable in cleanup. In and out in a couple of hrs and the yard left cleaner than when they arrived. Truly impressed and would recommend them to any one looking to have ANY tree work done. Great Job!

prescription xanax online Emily June 25, 2016

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ordering xanax online safe Rich and his crew did an exceptional job removing 2 large pines and limbing 2 huge oaks. Crew was awesome! Ground my stumps and you couldn't even tell they were there. Artie (the climber) was amazing to watch. Overall a very professional operation. I highly recommend Rich's

xanax legally online Jim Moro June 25, 2016

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I had several large trees taken down recently and the work done by Rich and his crew was excellent. Very prompt, professional,and at a fair price. I would highly recommend Rich's Tree Service and they'll be my first call if I ever need tree work done again.

http://yourlivingbody.com/tag/smoking/ Matt June 25, 2016


  • Wally Drover

    buy xanax brand name online From the initial phone call to Donna in the office, the short chat with the crew on their break, to the TY handshake of Rich. Perfecto! Six towering pines removed. In amongst Oak and Beech Trees, very close to the landscaped yard, the Dogwood Tree, the flowering gardens, and the Utilities. Comments from neighbors said they watch in confident amazement as the entire crew performed the work. Our property was left in pristine condition. Highly recommended – five star
    Kudos to Rich and his team!
    Wally & Cindy – Danville, NH

  • Suzanne & John - Hampstead, NH

    http://livepixelsphotography.com/91-bvup3srw/avc092-btpwj7gcdsin/16352.html Rich and his crew just left our house after removing a HUGE 75 year old oak tree with three major trunks. The tree was right up against the electrical service for the road and the service to our house. The tree was also right up against our garage and close to our house. A very tricky removal for sure.
    A friend of ours had recommended Rich and said he is a surgeon when cutting down trees – she was 100% correct. It was amazing to watch the crew use the crane and take down the oak tree with precision.
    Rich and his crew also trimmed back some branches on several other trees that were touching our house and garage.
    Rich and crew are very polite and very nice. We’ve had other contractors come to our house and we’ve had to shield our children from the language coming from the contractors, not so with Rich and his crew.
    Other than the tree being gone and the branches being cut away from the house, you would never know they were here. They cleaned up EVERYTHING on our property and on the road.
    We would definitely use Rich’s Tree Service again and would recommend them to anyone.
    Great Job!

  • admin

    Just wanted to say how pleased we are with your service and people. Can’t even tell you were here. We had trucks, cranes all over the yard and there is not even a blade of grass out of place. The work was quick and the people friendly. I will be recommending you to all the neighbors. Thanks for a job well done.
    thanks again,
    Jim and Deb

  • Steve & Tara

    Rich and team came out to the house on time and prepared to work. Rich was the lowest price of 3 quotes without even seeing the other numbers. This was definitely not a “You get what you pay for scenario”! Rich’s team was extremely efficient. They worked well together and took 15 Trees down and ground all stumps in just a few hours. I was very pleased with their work and would highly recommend calling for any tree work. When the team left, the site looked very clean and you would never know that they took down so many trees that day. Very Satisfied with Rich’s Tree service. Thank you!

  • Steve Surels

    I found Rich’s website and asked for an estimate to have 2, possibly 3 large trees removed. Rich came out within a day or two and gave an estimate. His price was excellent and we decided to have him and his crew do the job. When they showed up he had the right equipment and an excellent crew to get it done. They were extremely professional and did a great job! Did what was promised and the clean-up left our yard looking great. I would highly recommend Rich’s for any tree work you might need done and wouldn’t hesitate to have him back for any future work.

  • Ernie from Hampstead

    I had Rich’ Tree Service remove a large tree that had fallen on my house. They used a crane and took it off and ground it up. The estimate and the final price was the same. They showed up on time and cleaned up at the end.
    Rich runs an excellent professional business and I respect the work he does. I would and will recommend him to anybody for tree work
    Ernie from Hampstead

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